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Brisbane Lawyer Costs

We have decided on hourly rates we consider are very reasonable and we believe we offer better value for money than you will find from other Brisbane CBD based law firms.   We are always conscious to work efficiently and intelligently on matters to reduce our client's potential legal spend and to quickly reach our client's objective. These rates apply to both our business lawyer and property lawyers services.

Fixed Pricing

Wade Legal also offer fixed fee pricing as an option on the majority of its services. Fixing the legal fees for the production of a document or over the transaction provides certainty. Package pricing controls legal fees throughout your whole transaction thereby avoiding ever creeping legal fees.

Wade Legal are able to:

  • fix the price for preparing a single document e.g. a lease; or
  • provide a fixed fee (package price) to assist through all steps in the matter,

provided the matter is not-complex or protracted.

As an example, a package price can incorporate the legal fees otherwise incurred to attend to the following steps in a matter:

  1. initial meeting and instructions;
  2. first draft document preparation;
  3. follow up consultation;
  4. final draft document preparation;
  5. initial communication with counter party or their solicitor;
  6. negotiation with other side; and
  7. if required, document registration.

(For complex matters, advice work or other select services a fixed fee will not be possible.  Such work will be charged at a competitive hourly rate)


Retainers are available for our business law clients. These assist accurate budgeting for legal fees and enable our clients to take advantage of significantly reduced hourly rates based on a 3,6 or 12 month commitment.

Please contact us on 07 3211 9313 to discuss the nature of your transaction and for a fee proposal.